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Guide to the top online lotteries

You don't have to pop out to your newsagent anymore to play the lottery these days. And, it's not online the UK's national lottery which is online, as a number of other online lotteries are vying for your attention.

Top Picks in Lotteries
The Lotter The Lotter  online shopping

Ever fancied playing on the lottery or a massive jackpot in another country? Well ... at TheLotter you can buy tickets online for lotteries around the world, including USA's Mega Millions, Florida's Lotto, Canada's Super 7, Europe's Euro Millions, Italy's SuperEnalotto, UK's National Lottery, Australia's Powerball Lotto and many more. Their website provides lots of useful info, including results, and, you can also search for the biggest declared jackpot or best cost/benefit ratio in the world. There's also a free lottery you can play when you register.
visit website - Preview - more The Lotter info

Our Trusted Sites in Lotteries
Eurobet  online shopping

As one of the worlds biggest online sports bookmakers Eurobet offers fixed odds betting on the major sporting events around the world. Online virtual horse & greyhound racing, poker, games, lotto and a casino are also available on their online gaming portal.
visit website - Preview - more Eurobet info

GeLotto  online shopping

GeLotto is a lottery game site for government licensed charity lotteries such as Rehab UK, Rehab Ireland and others. They offer online lottery scratch tickets, raffles, numbers games, keno and bingo.
visit website - Preview - more GeLotto info

Loopy Lotto  online shopping

Loopy Lotto is a FREE online lottery, giving you the change to win 1 million for free. You have to be over 16, a UK resident and register with a valid E-mail address to enter their draw.
visit website - Preview - more Loopy Lotto info

Money Balls  online shopping

Money Balls is a leading FREE instant online lottery, offering players the opportunity to win up to $1,000,000. How can they be free? Simple, they generate the prize money from their advertisers enabling Money Balls to be free to everyone.
visit website - Preview - more Money Balls info

Oz Lotteries  online shopping

Oz Lotteries is a government authorized retailer of real Australian lottery games. You receive a free account to the value of $5 (Australian dollars) when you sign-up. You can then use your free account to purchase any of their lottery games, putting you in the running to win millions.
visit website - Preview - more Oz Lotteries info

Scratch and Match  online shopping

Scratch and Match offers you free scratchcards and every scratchcard potentially hides prizes of 100, 200, 1,000, 15,000 and 100,000. You only need a valid E-mail address and reside in the UK, and it takes less than a minute to register.
visit website - Preview - more Scratch and Match info

Striker Million  online shopping

Striker Million is the football themed lottery game that offers you the chance to win 1 million for FREE. It takes less than one minute to register and play, and no credit card details are needed, just a valid E-mail address. Once registered, you can play twice a day.
visit website - Preview - more Striker Million info

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