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We try to vet and constantly review the shops and sites on BestShopDeals.co.uk to make your online shopping experience more safe and secure. We do however understand that the customer experience and service may vary at times, and would therefore appreciate your feedback. We will endeavor to liase with the merchant on your behalf and aim for a quick & satisfactory resolution of your issue.

If you are dissatisfied with a site listed on our site, we appreciate if you could follow this procedure:
  1. Contact the retailer with the details of your complaint, using the retailers normal complaint procedure.
  2. If you are unhappy with the response that you receive, or if you don't receive a response within 5 days, you should send us a copy of your complaint. Make sure you include the name of the retailer, your order reference, whether you're OK for us to contact the retailer on your behalf and your own E-mail address details so that we can keep you informed. You can use the form or E-mail address below.
  3. We will then contact the retailer (we often have different avenues to do this) to establish the action they propose to take. In the meantime we may suspend the merchants listing on our site.
  4. We will keep you informed of the progress and outcome.
  5. Depending on the outcome, we may adjust the retailers description on our site, or remove them altogether.
Even though our track record in solving complaints is still 100%, we cannot guarantee satisfactory resolution. While we do our uppermost to help you, there's however one important action you can do to help us and other online shoppers:
Please try to come back and use our site for all your online shopping (even for return visits to the same shops).

Here's why:
We register the amount of traffic we send to the retailer, and that's the main cloud we use when supporting a complaint. Retailers will be more pro-active in resolving your issue if they fear that they may not be just losing your business, but the business of other potential customers as well (if we suspend them). As such, you'll understand that it'll be very difficult for us to support complaints which didn't originate from this site or which happened off-line (e.g. a purchase in-store).

Complaints Form:

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If you really prefer to send email using your own email program, write to:

Transfer this address to your email program. Note that if you try to paste it, the 'at' sign will not be copied and must be added separately.

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