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Please use this form if you'd like your online shop or site to be listed on BestShopDeals. One of our team members will review your site against our guidelines. Please note that completing the form doesn't guarantee a listing (our principle is quality over quantity).

Here are the key things we're looking for:

  • Site needs to be focussed at the UK consumer market.
  • Online ordering needs to be safe & secure. A secure mechanism needs to be in use for card payments.
  • The complaints procedures and contact information (including address, e-mail and telephone number) need to be clearly displayed on the site.
  • Site needs to be well-designed, i.e. fast-loading and intuitive to use.
  • Refunds + returns policy, delivery costs and other extra charges need to be transparent to the customer.
  • Site needs to comply with the EU electronic privacy law which came into effect on December 11th 2003.

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