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Guide to the best audio & visual shops

If you're looking to buy a television, DVD player, Hi-Fi or any other audio-visual products and equipment, look no further. The shops and stores in this section all offer a wide range and some great deals - often cheaper than high street prices.

Top Picks in Audio & Visual
Beyond Television  online shopping

At Beyond Television you don't just find LCD, plasma and LED TVs at discounted prices, but a wide selection of offer eclectrical goods as well. These include Hi-Fi systems, MP3 players, home appliances, cameras, DVD recorders and Blu-Ray players. Great service and a good clearance section.
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Currys Currys  online shopping

At Currys, the biggest UK electrical retailer, you can buy an impressive range of products online, including TVs, Hi-fi's, PCs, printers, camcorders, cookers and fridges. It's worth checking out their Web exclusives (which are cheaper than in-store), and you can use their buyer's guide and jargon buster to help you choose.
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Electric Shop  online shopping

Electric Shop is a well established online electrical retailer which offers competitive deals on all domestic appliances and audio-visual equipment. They stock popular brand names like Bosch, Miele, Sony, Philips and Smeg as well as the unique, like the Maytag American Refrigeration and the classic Britannia Range Cooker.
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Our Trusted Shops in Audio & Visual
Amazon Amazon  online shopping

Amazon has grown into one of the most successful online shops by constantly offering a combination of low prices and excellent customer service. Their ever growing product range includes books, DVDs, videos, CDs, PC & video games, home & garden products, toys and electrical goods.
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Argos Argos  online shopping

Argos is one of the most renowned catalogue shops in the UK. They offer over 18,000 top quality, branded products, including furniture, electrical goods, toys, DIY tools, household appliances, jewellery, gifts, leisure items and much more ... all at great value. And, there's also the famous Argos 16 day money back guarantee, so you can buy online with confidence.
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BE Direct  online shopping

At BE Direct you'll also find a wide range of electrical goods at online prices ... from televisions to washing machines and espresso machines. Brands include Sony, Panasonic, Zanussi, Magimix, Toshiba and many more. They sometimes sell customer returns at bargain prices too.
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BT Shop BT Shop  online shopping

It's not just the latest phones and faxes you'll find at the BT Shop, but also a growing range of exciting digital products, including digital cameras, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, PDAs, LCD TVs and game consoles. They offer some tasty and weekly updated exclusive online deals too.
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Choice  online shopping

At Choice catalogue you'll find 1000's of top brand products to choose from in a variety of categories, including fashion, home & garden, furniture, appliances, home entertainment, diy, toys and gifts. Delivery and returns are free and you'll get £15 OFF your first order over £25 as well as 20 weeks interest free credit on everything.
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Debenhams Debenhams  online shopping

At Debenhams you'll discover an exciting range of gifts, fashion, lingerie, electricals, home furnishings, furniture, flowers and wedding presents. Their great looking site is easy to use and they often run special online promotions which are not to be missed.
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DVD Players UK  online shopping

DVD Players UK is an online shop which doesn't just stock a wide range of the latest multiregion DVD players and recorders, but also offers a good selection of plasma, widescreen, projection and LCD televisions, digital cameras, home entertainment systems, camcorders, portable audio devices and computing equipment. Prices are competitive and UK delivery free.
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eBuyer  online shopping

eBuyer is one of the UK's largest Internet resellers of brand name computer and electronics products. You'll find competitive prices and exclusive offers on desktops, laptops, printers, networking, digital cameras, LED TVs, MP3 players, gaming and more. There's also an outlet section with even further discounts.
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Electrical Discount UK Electrical Discount UK  online shopping

Leading brand electrical products, including TV's, DVD's, VCR's, cameras and Hi-Fi Systems, as well as Domestic Appliances such as cookers, microwaves, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners is what's on offer at Electrical Discount UK. Prices are pretty cheap with savings of up-to 40%.
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Freemans Freemans  online shopping

Freemans is one of the leaders in the UK catalogue market, selling top branded women's, men's and kids fashion, furniture, electrical goods, appliances, gifts, garden and home interior products ... all at low prices. And, with 10% OFF your first order, you can make some big extra savings too.
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Go-Electrical  online shopping

Go-Electrical are the online arm of a well established Yorkshire based electrical retailer. They sell top brand TVs, audio equipment and kitchen electricals at competitive prices with free delivery on most purchases.
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HiFi 4 Less  online shopping

HiFi 4 Less has been an authorised dealer for top HiFi brands like Denon, TEAC, Sennheiser, Kef, QED and Jamo for over 30 years. No grey imports here, just quality HiFi systems, home cinema products, speakers, amplifiers, CD Players, cables, furniture, accessories and more ... all at discounted online prices.
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Hughes Direct  online shopping

Hughes Direct is a family-owned company who have been trading over 90 years and 34 Hughes and 8 Apollo branded stores in the UK. They stock a massive selection of household, built-in and small kitchen appliances and well as top brand televisions, cameras, hi-fi systems, blu-ray players, camcorders and more audio visual products. There's a special offers section with great discounts all year round.
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John Lewis John Lewis  online shopping

John Lewis is popular for their quality products and competitive prices. Their online departments include audio & TV, computing, electrical goods, fashion, furniture, gifts, home & garden, nursery and toys … and there’re special offers to be found in each department too.
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Maplin Electronics  online shopping

At Maplin Electronics you can buy over 12,000 audio, video, electronic and computer products, components and accessories. There're always some promotions to look out for, and they sell a great selection of the latest gadgets and gizmos as well.
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Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound  online shopping

At Ministry of Sound's shop you'll find their full catalogue of dance music albums as well as their entire back catalogue of singles on CD and 12” vinyl. In addition, they stock the full range of Ministry of Sound clothing, merchandise and audio equipment, including MP3 players, Hi-Fi’s, DVD players, DAB Digital Radios, mixing decks and other DJ equipment.
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Philips  online shopping

As the co-inventor of the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray, Philips is a recognized innovator. Through their online flagship UK shop you can buy all their latest TVs, home entertainment products, portable electronics, phones, household electricals and personal & health care products and accessories direct.
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Planet Gizmo  online shopping

Planet Gizmo are a well established high-end electronics retailer, selling DAB radios, home cinema equipment, speakers, iPod docs, digital recorders, headphones, sat nav systems and more. Brands include the likes of Altec Lansing, Harman Kardon, Koss, Roth Audio, Sennheiser and Zoom.
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Richer Sounds  online shopping

Richer Sounds has about 50 stores nationwide and specialise in selling Hi-Fi separates, speakers, DJ Gear and home cinema equipment.
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Simply Electricals  online shopping

At Simply Electricals you'll find a reasonable choice of LCD & Plasma TVs, Blu-Ray players, Home Cinema Systems, DVD Recorders, DAB Radios and Hi-Fi separates. Brands includes the like of Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Pure, Samsung and Hitachi.
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Tesco Tesco  online shopping

Tesco's wide online product range also includes household & kitchen appliances, computing-, audio- & visual equipment, cameras and diy tools ... all at their every day low prices (which they check against their competitors). You'll also find enticing 'deals of the week'.
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Teufel  online shopping

Teufel specialises in making high quality luxury HiFi speakers for home cinema, PC and other uses. So confident are they about their products that they offer an 8 week risk free listening trail period for you at your home.
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TV Cables  online shopping

TV Cables, as the name suggests, specialises in hi-fi and home cinema TV cables and accessories from first upgrade through to high end professional. Brands include Ixos, Profigold, Prosignal and Thor, with the range covering simple adapters all the way to the latest generations of cable like HDMI and DVI.
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