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Guide to the best betting exchanges

If you don't fancy the odds at the bookies, why not try the new breed of online betting exchanges. These sites let you place bets directly against other punters, often giving you better value than a sportsbook. And, these betting exchanges let you do so in a safe and secure environment.

Our Trusted Sites in Betting Exchanges
Betfair Betfair  online shopping

At Betfair you can bet on sports, racing, financial markets and special events against other punters, not against a bookie. So ... the odds are on average 20% better as there is no bookmaker adding in their profit margin. They offer in-running betting on all live football games, a comprehensive help menu and 1,000,000 matched bets daily.
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Cantor Spreadfair  online shopping

Cantor Spreadfair is the first spread betting exchange in the world, allowing you to bet against other spread better and not the bookies. This means you get the great benefits of an exchange every time you trade; narrower spreads and the ability to set your own spread price and stake.
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TradebetX  online shopping

TradebetX is another betting exchange that lets you make straight or live 'in-running' person-to-person bets. Although they're US based, they cover our football Premier League & Championship, the rugby union 6 nations and other major UK sporting events.
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TradeSports  online shopping

TradeSports is the leading US betting exchange and has members from over 120 countries (including many UK punters). The odds are on average 20% better than at the bookies, and they allow you to trade live in-running until the final whistle. Incentives are offered for new account openings too.
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