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Guide to the top UK books shops

Books are one of the most popular products bought on the internet, and most book stores offer some great online savings.

Top Picks in Books
Abebooks Abebooks  online shopping is the UK presence of Abebooks, the world's largest online books marketplace with over 80 million titles. Through their community of over 13,500 independent booksellers from around the globe you'll to find any title, whether it's new, used, rare or out-of-print.
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Amazon Amazon  online shopping

Amazon has grown into one of the most successful online shops by constantly offering a combination of low prices and excellent customer service. Their ever growing product range includes books, DVDs, videos, CDs, PC & video games, home & garden products, toys and electrical goods.
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Blackwell s Blackwell's  online shopping

Blackwell's offers a truly fantastic selection of over 2.8 million book titles online. They also sell maps, rare and out-of-print books and their site features very useful book reviews and book extracts to help you choose.
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Hive  online shopping

Hive offers a huge range of books, eBooks, DVDs, Blu-rays music CDs and vinyl. They first launched in 2011 with the core aim of supporting the UK's independent bookshops. With any order you can decide to get it delivered for free to your home or for collection to your nearest local independent bookshop. Whichever option you choose, you'll be supporting your local high street. An ethical and unique alternative to other online stores.
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Our Trusted Shops in Books
BBC Shop BBC Shop  online shopping

At the BBC Shop you can buy the complete range of over 4,000 BBC and BBC related books, audio books, DVDs, videos, books, software and toys.
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Foyles  online shopping

Foyles, the UK's largest book store, offers more than 1.4 million book titles online. If you'd like some extra personal attention, you can phone their knowledgeable and helpful in-store staff with your queries. The site also features info of forthcoming Foyles author events and literary luncheons.
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Great Magazines  online shopping

At Great Magazines you can buy special offer subscriptions to over 150 quality magazine titles including FHM, New Woman, Heat, Mother & Baby, Empire, MixMag, Grazia, Period Living, Bike, Today’s Golfer and many more.
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Mills and Boon  online shopping

Mills and Boon is the most popular publisher of romantic fiction novels. Their online presence is excellent, as you can buy all their novels one month before they are available in the shops. You can also read free chapters and interviews with their authors. They also have a popular book club, and you'll get two free books when you join at the moment.
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Tesco Tesco  online shopping

Tesco, the most successful internet grocery retailer in the world, also offers a huge range of 1.2 million books online. They do weekly pricechecks against to ensure their chart books stay cheaper.
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The Hut  online shopping

The Hut sells a broad range of DVDs, CDs, books and video games at competitive prices. Chart CDs are £8.89, DVDs start from £5, books at £4.99 and all prices include free delivery.
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The Works  online shopping

The Works is a discount book store also offering a great choice of discounted books in every category you like (romance, politics, humour, children's books, novels, history, fiction, biographies, ...). They have over 300 stores across the UK and in addition to bargain books, also offer arts & crafts, toys, gifts and stationery.
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Waterstones Waterstones  information only - no online shopping

Waterstone's, the popular high street book retailer, offers a large selection of books online and a wealth of book knowledge. They also provide easy access to expert booksellers from the Waterstone's stores around the country, who can give you bespoke book recommendations and suggestions. A branch finder is available too.
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WH Smith WH Smith  online shopping

Their high street shops still keep going and WH Smith online is still an excellent location for all the latest books, magazines and stationary (though no longer DVDs, CDs or video games). You can easily browse through their wide selection and online discounts range from 10 to 50%. They normally have other promotions on as well (such as buy 1 get 1 free).
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