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Used Cars

Guide to the best used cars shops

You can search for used cars in the UK on these popular auction sites, second hand car portals, car dealers and manufacturers.

Top Picks in Used Cars
Auto Mart  online shopping

Auto Mart is a good classified used car site with 1000's of cars advertised throughout the UK. You can search for cars by make & model, price, body style, transmission and location.
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Our Trusted Sites in Used Cars
AutoLocate  information only - no online shopping

AutoLocate lets you search through 1,000's of cars and vans in stock at UK dealers.
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AutoZone  information only - no online shopping

AutoZone is run by a car dealership in Chichester. You can browse their wide range of new, nearly new and used cars and vans online, and purchase by phone.
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Desperate Seller  online shopping

Desperate Seller allows car sellers to advertise their vehicles on a massive 101 car websites like Whatcar, Carsource, Fish4, Froogle and Friday-Ad within minutes. If you're looking to buy a new and used can then their search tool does the oposite, i.e. it searches and compares prices from these 101 websites in one go for the car you want.
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You can also search the web for more buy used cars:
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