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You'll be able to buy CDs very cheap online these days at a large number of CD shops and stores.

Top Picks in CDs & Music
Zavvi  online shopping

Zavvi is the new name for Virgin Megastores, after they got taken over. You can buy DVDs, videos, CDs, Blu-Ray disks, books and games from a wide online selection. Their online prices are also very competitive and sometimes cheaper than in their High Street stores.
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Our Trusted Shops in CDs & Music
991  online shopping is the biggest online shop for rare, import, limited edition and collectable CDs, music DVDs and vinyl records. They also stock a range of music memorabilia and gold & platinum discs of various artists. Over 500,000 items are in stock, and their experienced buying team will help you find anything else which you're hunting for.
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Amazon Amazon  online shopping

Amazon has grown into one of the most successful online shops by constantly offering a combination of low prices and excellent customer service. Their ever growing product range includes books, DVDs, videos, CDs, PC & video games, home & garden products, toys and electrical goods.
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Base  online shopping

Base sell a wide product range of online including DVDs, BluRays, CDs, Books, T-Shirts, MP3 players and other home electronics, computing accessories, toys and games. UK delivery is free.
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Hive  online shopping

Hive offers a huge range of books, eBooks, DVDs, Blu-rays music CDs and vinyl. They first launched in 2011 with the core aim of supporting the UK's independent bookshops. With any order you can decide to get it delivered for free to your home or for collection to your nearest local independent bookshop. Whichever option you choose, you'll be supporting your local high street. An ethical and unique alternative to other online stores.
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Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound  online shopping

At Ministry of Sound's shop you'll find their full catalogue of dance music albums as well as their entire back catalogue of singles on CD and 12 vinyl. In addition, they stock the full range of Ministry of Sound clothing, merchandise and audio equipment, including MP3 players, Hi-Fis, DVD players, DAB Digital Radios, mixing decks and other DJ equipment.
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Napster  online shopping

Napster is probably the world's most recognised brand in online music. As a Napster subscriber, you have access to unlimited streaming and downloading of over 1 million full-length hi-quality tracks. You can also burn all your favourite tracks to CD and transfer music to your portable digital music players. They currently offer a FREE 7-day trial, so it costs nothing to give it a go.
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Tesco Tesco  online shopping

Tesco, the most successful internet grocery retailer in the world, also offers a huge range of entertainment products online ... in fact, you can buy every CD, DVD, video and game on UK release. They do regular pricechecks against to ensure their prices stay cheap.
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Tesco Jersey Tesco Jersey  online shopping

Tesco Jersey has been established by Tesco to bring you even better deals on the latest entertainment titles. You can buy top 50 chart CD's all from only 8.99, top 20 CD compilations from 12.99 and top 50 Chart DVD's from 9.99, all prices including delivery.
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The Hut  online shopping

The Hut sells a broad range of DVDs, CDs, books and video games at competitive prices. Chart CDs are 8.89, DVDs start from 5, books at 4.99 and all prices include free delivery.
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WOW HD  online shopping

At WOW HD, previously known as CD Wow, you'll find a huge range of over 1 million CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, books, T-Shirts and Cosmetics. They have daily special offers and sell online gift vouchers as well.
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