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Best shops and stores to find cheap computing products

Whether you're looking for a cheap laptop computer or a fancy LCD monitor, the best deals can be had at the online shops these days.

Top Picks in Computing
Dell Dell  online shopping

Dell is one of the most popular and best-value computer manufacturers in the world. They're ideal if you want to buy a customised PC or laptop online ... just choose a starting configuration that meets your requirements best and tailor it to your exact needs. There're clear instructions on how to shop on their site, as well as weekly special offers. We use Dell ourselves and as such are happy to recommend them.
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eBuyer  online shopping

eBuyer is one of the UK's largest Internet resellers of brand name computer and electronics products. You'll find competitive prices and exclusive offers on desktops, laptops, printers, networking, digital cameras, LED TVs, MP3 players, gaming and more. There's also an outlet section with even further discounts.
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Misco  online shopping

Misco, a subsidiary of Systemax Europe, are the UK's second biggest suppliers of computing products to the business sector. But, they now also sell directly to consumers, allowing you to benefit from their low prices as well. You'll find desktop and notebook computers, computer hardware and software from leading makes like Sony, HP, Acer, Microsoft, Systemax and more.
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Our Trusted Shops in Computing
Apple Apple  online shopping

Apple, famous for their slick and stylish designs, sell their desktop computers, laptops, iPods, software and accessories direct through the online 'Apple Store'. It's worth checking out their 'hot deals' section with great prices on limited offers.
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Avanquest  online shopping

At Avanquest's online shop you can buy a range of business-, imaging-, security-, communications- and learning software. These include best selling computer software titles like Net Nanny, Ringtone Media Studio, ZoneAlarm and Floorplan, most of which are available for direct download.
visit website - Preview - more Avanquest info

Ballicom  online shopping

Ballicom currently sells over 16,000 IT products online at some of the cheapest prices available in the UK. They stock hardware, software and peripherals, as well as a range of branded pc systems, server systems and notebooks from names like Apple, HP, IBM, Sony, Acer and Fujitsu. They're own Ballicom branded computer systems can be custom build to your requirements.
visit website - Preview - more Ballicom info

BT Shop BT Shop  online shopping

It's not just the latest phones and faxes you'll find at the BT Shop, but also a growing range of exciting digital products, including digital cameras, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, PDAs, LCD TVs and game consoles. They offer some tasty and weekly updated exclusive online deals too.
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Currys Currys  online shopping

At Currys, the biggest UK electrical retailer, you can buy an impressive range of products online, including TVs, Hi-fi's, PCs, printers, camcorders, cookers and fridges. It's worth checking out their Web exclusives (which are cheaper than in-store), and you can use their buyer's guide and jargon buster to help you choose.
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Dabs Dabs  online shopping is the UK's leading Internet retailer of computing products, stocking all the leading brands, including: Sony, Apple Mac, HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, Acer, IBM and more. Prices are relatively cheap and they now sell a good range of cameras and home entertainment products too.
visit website - Preview - more Dabs info

Directfrom  online shopping is a leading online supplier of IT and technology products. They offer a selection of exclusive deals and some competitive prices on a host of products including, computer hardware, printers, digital cameras, LCD displays, MP3 players and more. They also build desktop PC's and notebooks to order from their warehouse.
visit website - Preview - more Directfrom info

HP Store HP Store  online shopping

HP is one of the leading technology solutions providers, and you can buy their range of quality computers, laptops, servers, digital cameras and printers direct from their online store at competitive prices.
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John Lewis John Lewis  online shopping

John Lewis is popular for their quality products and competitive prices. Their online departments include audio & TV, computing, electrical goods, fashion, furniture, gifts, home & garden, nursery and toys … and there’re special offers to be found in each department too.
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Maplin Electronics  online shopping

At Maplin Electronics you can buy over 12,000 audio, video, electronic and computer products, components and accessories. There're always some promotions to look out for, and they sell a great selection of the latest gadgets and gizmos as well.
visit website - Preview - more Maplin Electronics info

Micro Direct  online shopping

As one of the UK's leading IT distributors Micro Direct offer very competitive prices on a wide range of PC components and peripherals, including motherboards, CPUs, sound & graphics cards, printers, computer monitors and much more.
visit website - Preview - more Micro Direct info

Novatech  online shopping

Novatech are one of the UK's top mail order computer suppliers, offering quality I.T. products at low prices and with free technical support. There're weekly offers to look out for, as well as a clearance 'Factory Outlet' section.
visit website - Preview - more Novatech info

palmOne Store palmOne Store  online shopping

palmOne is the leading provider of handheld computers. Their handheld computer family, which consists of the Palm Tungsten and Palm Zire series, is known for its unique commitment to an elegant, simple and easy-to-use interface.
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Tesco Tesco  online shopping

Tesco's wide online product range also includes household & kitchen appliances, computing-, audio- & visual equipment, cameras and diy tools ... all at their every day low prices (which they check against their competitors). You'll also find enticing 'deals of the week'.
visit website - Preview - more Tesco info

Time Computers  online shopping

Time Computers also sell their range of custom-built PC packages and laptops directly online. They use the latest technology from companies like AMD, Intel and Microsoft, and let you choose what goes in your computer.
visit website - Preview - more Time Computers info

UK Office Direct  online shopping

UK Office Direct sell an extensive range of over 20,000 office products from quality brands online. The stock everything from office and computer supplies to printers, faxes, copiers and office furniture. Delivery is very fast and next working day via national couriers.
visit website - Preview - more UK Office Direct info

Very PC  online shopping

VeryPC is an award winning Sheffield based IT firm that has grown to become one of the UK's leading computer manufacturers. By carefully selecting components they produce the highest quality custom build machines that work better for longer (they also offer free service after 3 years to extend your PC's life). They're PCs are also reknown for being environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
visit website - Preview - more Very PC info

XLshop  online shopping

XLshop offers an extensive range of competitively priced consumable computing products including branded cartridges, laser toners, paper, digital memory, CD & DVD media, as well as camera and PC accessories.
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