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Guide to the UK's leading energy companies

The energy companies in this section all provide gas and electricity to UK households. With most of them you make extra savings when you buy or switch your energy supply online, and when you take out both a dual fuel account (i.e. electricity and gas).

Top Picks in Energy Suppliers
Scottish Power  online shopping

Scottish Power are one of the UK's major players in the Energy Retail market. They offer very competitive cash saving single fuel accounts, dual fuel accounts and Green energy for electricity and gas. They also got voted best online service in the market in three of the last four uSwitch customer polls.
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Our Trusted Shops in Energy Suppliers
E.ON Energy  online shopping

E.ON are Britain's largest integrated power and gas company, distributing and generating electricity, and retailing gas and power. Their key energy products include "Price Protection", "EnergyOnline Extra Saver", "EnergySavingPlan" and "Go Green" E.ON customers also get 1 Tesco point for every 1 spend on their bill.
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nPower  online shopping

nPower is the retail arm of RWE which operates and manages flexible, low-cost oil, coal and gas-fired power stations and is also developing innovative new energy-related technologies. As one of the UK's leading gas and electricity suppliers, they supply energy to over 6 million customers in Britain. nPower claims to be cheaper than British Gas for dual-fuel customers with average consumption paying by direct-debit.
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