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Gadget Gifts

Guide to the top gadget gift shops

Gadgets always make for great gifts, and these gadget stores all offer a large selection of the latest gizmos. Most these shops also feature an online gift finder to help you find the perfect gadget for your recipient.

Top Picks in Gadget Gifts
Paramountzone  online shopping

Paramountzone is a popular online gadget and gizmo shop, offering a large selection of the latest gadgets, boy's toys, cool games, barware items, inspired gifts, bachelor pad stuff, sports gadgets, executive toys, funky gift ideas and lifestyle accessories. Bestsellers include a "USB MiniQuarium" and "Beer Burglar Alarm".
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Science Museum Shop  online shopping

Science Museum's online shop sells a great range of unusual and ingenious gifts for enquiring minds. You'll find inspiring and innovative gadgets, games and goodies such as anti gravity boots, hydrogen cars and virtually indestructible R/C aeroplanes. Every purchase also supports the Science Museum.
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Our Trusted Shops in Gadget Gifts
Firebox  online shopping

Firebox is an online UK gadget shop where can buy the latest gadgets, games, tech toys, home-enhancing products, boys toys, desktop distractions and other cool things you just cannot live without. Gift vouchers are available too.
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Gadget Hub  online shopping

At Gadget Hub you'll find a wide range of gadgets for the home and office, as well as some more things kitch, cool or just downright clever. They also suggest gift ideas suitable for a house warming, birthday or wedding.
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Gizzmo Heaven  online shopping

Gizzmo Heaven is an online toy and gadget retailer specialising in selling funky new stuff. This includes games, action toys, gadgets, R/C Helicopters, collectable figures, plastic model kits and more.
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I want one of those  online shopping

At 'I want one of those' you'll find gadgets, electronics, adventure trips and toys for a cool man's lifestyle. There's a useful gift finder which allows you to search for that perfect gift by recipient, occasion, personality and price ... from cheap stocking fillers to a 'Dive to the Titanic' experience if money is no object. Gift vouchers are available too and can be sent as printed versions or by email.
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Prezzybox  online shopping

At Prezzybox you'll find a massive selection of gifts and ideas to suite any occasion. Gift categories include gadgets, fun things, kids stuff, home & living inspired gifts, experience days, presents for her and presents for him. Online gift certificates are available too if you want to let your recipient choose.
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RedSave  online shopping

RedSave is a gadgets, gifts, toys, electronics and video games store with a nice twist. They show the prices of their competitors so you can immediately see that they are cheaper. They also operate a membership scheme that is free to join and use for the 1st month (afterwards it's 19.95 per month). There are then two prices displayed, the price you pay excluding membership and the price you pay as a member.
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