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Guide to the top insurance companies

While the specialist insurers and insurance brokers are listed in the other categories, this section includes the well know high street insurance companies and brands.

Our Trusted Companies in Insurance Companies
AXA AXA  online shopping

AXA's main areas of focus in the UK are life insurance, health insurance and general insurance. You can use their website to get online quotes for their pet, travel, private and dental healthcare insurance policies.
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Churchill Churchill  online shopping

Churchill Insurance is one of the UK's leading insurance companies. They offer a full range of insurance products, including car, van, life, travel, pet and home. Their service is known to be among the best in the insurance industry and they offer online discounts on most products too.
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Legal & General Legal & General  online shopping

Through their range of general insurance and protection products Legal & General help protect the lives, the health, the homes and the belongings of millions of people in the UK. Their website provides information and instant quotes for their pet, travel, content, building, life and health insurance products.
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Norwich Union Norwich Union  online shopping

Norwich Union is part of Aviva plc, the world's fifth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK. They're a leading provider of investment, general insurance, life and pensions products. You can quote and apply online for their motor, health, life, travel, home and pet insurance policies.
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Prudential Prudential  online shopping

Prudential is one of the UK's leading life and pensions providers. They offer a range of financial products and services including pensions, savings & investments, car, home & travel insurance, healthcare plans and lifetime mortgages (home equity plans).
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Scottish Widows Scottish Widows  online shopping

Scottish Widows, the Scottish-based life group, sell life cover, pensions and savings & investment products. You can get a quick quote and apply for their life cover online.
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Zurich Zurich  online shopping

Zurich offers investment, insurance, protection, pensions and mortgage products. You can get online quotes for their car, home, travel and boat insurance policies, as well as some advice on life insurance and their range of plans.
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