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You can often get better deals on your insurance policies when you buy them over the internet. The numerous insurance companies, banks and brokers will also give you no obligation quotes online, so you can easily find the best deal to suit your needs.

To simplify your search, we've created a number of sub-categories with all the relevant insurance sites. Most sections relate to the type of cover you're looking for (car, home, life, etc.). However, because all the major insurance companies (Legal & General, Prudential, AXA, Norwich Union, etc.) and banks (Lloyds, Barclays, HBOS, etc.) provide most insurance types, we've grouped them in separate sections to avoid repetition.

This means that in the 'insurance type' sections you'll find specialist insurers and brokers for that subject. Insurance brokers normally deal with a large panel of reputable insurers to find the best rates for you. Some of them even sweeten the deal by giving up some of their commission to make the premium even cheaper for you.

So, visit our car insurance section if looking to get or renew the insurance policy for your car, van or motorhome. Some insurers even specialise in dealing with foreign and fast cars, or drivers who are young or without a no-claims bonus.

Look in home insurance if you like to protect the content of your home or take out a building insurance policy.

The life insurance grouping comprises brokers and insurers offering great deals on life cover, mortgage protection, critical illness insurance and income protection policies.

If you wish to take the best care for your fury friends and insure your dog, cat or rabbit for injuries and illnesses then head for our pet insurance category.

Going on holiday or planning to travel the world? Don't go before taking out some insurance to cover accidents, missed or delayed departures and lost luggage. You'll find some cheap, quality deals in the travel insurance section.

If this choice is not enough, then you can find some more insurance companies at LLoyds Insurance, a specialised online insurance directory.

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