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Guide to the best pharmacies and chemists online

You don't have to leave your door these days to buy general medicines or even prescription medications. Online pharmacies are often cheaper than your high street chemist shops will often provide some useful healthcare info as well.

Top Picks in Medicines
Boots Boots  online shopping is the UK's leading health, beauty and baby website, stocking over 12,000 products. You'll also find their ever popular '3 for 2' and 'buy 1 get 1 free' offers online.
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Express Chemist Express Chemist  online shopping

Express Chemist is UK based online pharmacy. They stock everything you'll find in your local chemist (and more), including medicines & medical supplies, diabetes products, blood pressure monitors, vitamins & minerals, mobility and disability aids, slimming aids, bodybuilding products, alergy foods and day-to-day toiletries.
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Lloyds Pharmacy  online shopping

Lloyds Pharmacy has over 1,700 pharmacies in the UK and has been trading online since October 2007. In terms of medicines, they offer everything you'd expect from a leading pharmacy, both over the counter and prescription medication. In addition they also stock toiletries and a comprehensive range of healthcare essentials.
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Pharmacy2U  online shopping

Pharmacy2U was launched as the UK's first online pharmacy service in 1999. They stock general medicines, prescription medications, vitamins and other personal care products, as well as a range of popular brand perfumes, beauty and male grooming products ... i.e. about anything you'd find in your local pharmacist, including clearance items and special offers.
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Our Trusted Shops in Medicines
Garden Pharmacy  online shopping is the online presence of the Garden Pharmacy from Covent Garden, London. They are the UK's largest and longest-established online Health & Beauty site and carry all the leading perfume, after-shave, cosmetics & medicine brands at very competitive prices.
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Superdrug  online shopping

Superdrug are one of the UK's leading high street beauty and health retailers. They stock make-up, fragrances, toiletries, men's grooming, hair and skin care products from the top brands. In addition, you can also buy over the counter healthcare products from their website.
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