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Pet Insurance

Guide to the top pet insurance companies

As a pet owner, you probably want the best treatment for your dog or cat. With vet's bills costing thousands you may want to take out some insurance with one of these reputable, great-value insurers.

Our Trusted Companies in Pet Insurance
Churchill Churchill  online shopping

Give your pets the cover they deserve, at a price you can afford. Prices start from just 12p a day for cats and 19p a day for dogs with Churchill pet insurance. Buy online and get a 5% discount. *Prices correct as at 6 April 2005. Premiums payable monthly or annually.
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Direct Line  online shopping

Vet bills could cost you thousands, or you can insure your pet with Direct Line. From only £5 a month for cats and £7 a month for dogs. Buy online and you'll receive a 5% discount!
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Lloyds TSB Insurance Lloyds TSB Insurance  online shopping

Lloyds TSB Insurance is one of the UK's leading insurance companies. They use a panel of leading UK insurers to find the best possible deal for their customers. On pet insurance they can save an extra 10% online.
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MORE TH>N MORE TH>N  online shopping

MORE TH>N's pet insurance deals start from as little as £7.99 a month for dogs and £5.99 a month for cats. They also have no maximum age limit for pets, unlike most other insurers who won’t insure pets over 8 years of age. And ... you get 2 months' pet cover free when you buy online.
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