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Guide to the best pets shops

Whether it's designer dog clothes, nutritious cat food or traditional rabbit hutches, you can buy most pets products online at these leading pet shops.

Top Picks in Pets
Pet Planet Pet Planet  online shopping

Pet Planet is a popular online pet shop where you'll find a wide range of competitively priced pet products. These cover a full range of food, clothing, homes and accessories for dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.
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Pet Supermarket  online shopping

At the Pet Supermarket you can buy a wide range of food, treats, toys and healthcare products for dogs, cats, birds and small pets like gerbils, hamsters and mice. If you're more into fish, no problem, as they also stock aquariums and fish food. Prices are very competitive as they guarantee to be the cheapest with their price promise.
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Pucci Petwear Pucci Designer Petwear  online shopping

If you're a fashion conscious pet owner then have a look at Pucci Petwear. They sell a really cool and stylish range of designer dog and cat clothes & accessories, including fashionable dog jumpers, T-shirts, hoodies and ski-jackets, diamante studded leads and collars, stylish pet beds, stylish pet carriers and comfortable pet beds. Lots of these pet products are exclusively designed by Pucci and gift vouchers are available too.
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WoofnWhiskers  online shopping

At WoofnWhiskers you can shop for a wide range of pet products and supplies, including dog & cat collars, beds, food, toys, litter trays and grooming equipment. They stock leading pet supplies brands like Kong, FourPaws, CleoPet, Lucky Pet and Marchorio at discounted prices. A pet owner forum and directory of pet names are featured on their site as well.
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Our Trusted Shops in Pets
Bonnie Dogs  online shopping

At Bonnie Dogs you'll find a great range of accessories for your canine friends. They sell dog clothing, bowls, collars, cookies, beds, toys, healthcare and grooming products. Some of their goods can also be personalised with your own photos and text.
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Cat flaps  online shopping, as the name suggests, are an online specialist shops for leading brand cat flaps and pet doors. In addition, they also sell a good range of automatic pet feeders, carriers, beds, kennels and more petsí accessories.
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Feathered Pets  online shopping

Feathered Pets is a family-run online store selling a personally selected range of treats, toys, care products and accessories for pet birds of all sizes. They stock products from Beak Appetit, Beaks n Feathers, Feathered Phonics and others for parrots and budgerigars, cockatiels & other parakeets.
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Groovy Pets  online shopping

At Groovy Pets you can buy a small selection of pet leads & collars, bowls & dining accessories, charms & jewellery, id tags & collar clips, toys & treats and aromatherapy for your dogs & cats.
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Just Dogs  online shopping

Just Dogs is a one stop shop for all dog lovers. They sell a wide variety of dog accessories including dog leads, collars, toys and beds. They also stock a selection of gifts for dog lovers and there's a "Barkin' Bargains" section with many products less than half price.
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Kitty Show  online shopping

What about some entertainment for your cat while you're away? Well, Kitty Show sell just that, "Cat Toy DVD's" which provide entertainment, exercise and companionship for cats when home alone. These DVDs are based upon years of research into cat vision, colors perceived, hunting instincts and stalking behavior.
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Max and Margot  online shopping

At Max and Margot, a luxury dog boutique, you'll find a nice selection of designer collars, leads and clothing, as well as plush toys, carriers, bowls and dog treats. You can also shops by dog size and trend, e.g. pink pup, diva dogs, urban chic, retro pup or country hound.
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Pets Direct  online shopping

Pets Direct is a one stop online shopping site for all your pets needs. They stock thousands of pet products ranging from branded pets foods by Pedigree and Whiskas to bird cages, fish tanks, novelty dog beds and cat carriers.
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Pettreatz  online shopping

Pettreatz are an online pet accessories shop offering a range of designer products including unique ID tags, gorgeous high-quality collars and leads, and funky bedding.
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Sunshine and Diamonds  online shopping

Sunshine and Diamonds brings you a collection of luxury pet products and designer accessories for posh pets and their owners. These include chic dog clothes, sparkling dog and cat collars, glamorous pet accessories, cool toys, quality pet carriers and more.
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Swallow Healthy Diet  online shopping

Swallow Healthy Diet is an online shop specialising in natural health & beauty products. Their range also includes animal supplements, organic dog grooming sprays & shampoos, healthy dog treats and a selection of cat and dog leads & collars.
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