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Guide to the top UK price guides

Price guides are useful if you're looking for a specific product and would like to compare its price in different stores. Just be advised that the cheapest store doesn't always offer the best service.

Our Trusted Sites in Price Guides
Kelkoo  information only - no online shopping

Kelkoo is one of the leading shopping and price search engines in Europe. They list over 2 million quality brand products from 1000's of UK retailers.
visit website - Preview - more Kelkoo info

Pricerunner  information only - no online shopping

Pricerunner provides you with easy online access to prices and information on a wide range of products and services. Their database includes over 2,000 on- and off-line retailers and their site features professional product reviews and buyer guides as well.
visit website - Preview - more Pricerunner info

uSwitch  information only - no online shopping

uSwitch makes it easy to compare and switch utility suppliers (gas, electricity, phone, TV and broadband). They use the most up-to-date information from regulators and suppliers so you can be assured you get the best deal and their calculations are accurate.
visit website - Preview - more uSwitch info

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