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Guide to the popular supermarkets

While all the UK supermarkets have an online presence, only a subset of them currently sell groceries or other goods direct.

Our Trusted Sites in Supermarkets
Aldi  information only - no online shopping

The Aldi web site features basic information on their product range and special buys, as well as a store locator.
visit website - Preview - more Aldi info

Asda Asda  online shopping

At this supermarket you can buy groceries, DVDs, CDs, mobile phones, games, contact lenses, nostalgic gifts, photo prints and financial Asda products online. You can also check-out the latest offers or use the store finder to locate your nearest Asda.
visit website - Preview - more Asda info

Booths Supermarkets  information only - no online shopping

Booths are a North West based supermarket chain operating 27 stores. Their web site only features some info on their history and a store locator.
visit website - Preview - more Booths Supermarkets info

Farmfoods  information only - no online shopping

You currently won't find much more than a store finder at Farmfoods, the frozen food specialist.
visit website - Preview - more Farmfoods info

Iceland Iceland  online shopping

At Iceland you can only buy their household appliances online, but you cannot order their groceries over the Internet anymore. They will however deliver your groceries for free to your home if you spend more than 25 in their store. This supermarket's web site also features a store finder and information on in-store deals.
visit website - Preview - more Iceland info

Kwiksave  information only - no online shopping

Kwik Save's website only features some information on their latest in-store deals as well as a store finder.
visit website - Preview - more Kwiksave info

Lidl  information only - no online shopping

At Lidl you'll find a store locator and basic information on their current in-store specials.
visit website - Preview - more Lidl info

Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer  online shopping

As one of the UK's leading retailers of clothing, foods, homeware and financial services, Marks & Spencer needs no introduction. Their site is well designed and easy to use ... and there's always some kind of deal to be found.
visit website - Preview - more Marks & Spencer info

Morrisons  information only - no online shopping

The website for Morrisons' supermarket features a store finder and some information on their best buys and what's available in-store.
visit website - Preview - more Morrisons info

Netto  information only - no online shopping

At Netto, the Danish owned discount grocery chain, you'll also find some basic information on their in-store special offers, as well as a store locator.
visit website - Preview - more Netto info

Safeway  information only - no online shopping

The Safeway website features some recipes, cookery advice, healthy eating information, a drinks guide, news on deals & offers in their supermarkets and a store locater.
visit website - Preview - more Safeway info

Sainsbury s Sainsbury's  online shopping

At this supermarket chain you can buy groceries, wines, entertainment products, flowers, gifts, electrical goods and financial services online. Sainsbury's website also features info on their latest offers, recipes and meal ideas.
visit website - Preview - more Sainsbury's info

Somerfield  information only - no online shopping

This supermarket's site features food & drink information, a Somerfield magazine, a kids section (with games), competitions, a store finder and information on their offers. There is no online grocery shopping, though some of the Somerfield stores offer home delivery of goods purchased in-store, saving you the trouble of having to carry them home.
visit website - Preview - more Somerfield info

Tesco Tesco  online shopping

Tesco really embraced the Internet from the early days, and they're now able to offer a fantastic range of products online. These include groceries, books, music CDs, videos, DVDs, clothes, baby & toddler items, electrical goods, flowers, insurance and personal finance products.
visit website - Preview - more Tesco info

Waitrose Waitrose  online shopping

At this leading supermarket chain you can shop online for groceries, wines, gifts and flowers online. The Waitrose site also features a useful 'food & drink' section with food and cocktail recipes, seasonal entertaining inspiration, a restaurant guide and information about their organic range.
visit website - Preview - more Waitrose info

Wing Yip Store  online shopping

Wing Yip has four Chinese superstores located in Birmingham, Manchester, Croydon and Cricklewood. Their website now gives the opportunity to sample authentic Chinese groceries and Oriental products in the comfort of your own home. A wide range of simple and easy to follow recipes for popular Chinese and Oriental dishes is featured too.
visit website - Preview - more Wing Yip Store info

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