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Travel Insurance

Guide to the top travel insurance companies

These companies and sites all offer some cheap and competitive deals on annual and single-trip travel insurance. Even if you left it to the last minute, you can still get covered through the online insurers' sites, so you can go on holiday in peace of mind.

Our Trusted Companies in Travel Insurance
American Express American Express Travel Insurance  online shopping

With American Express you'll know you buy from a name you can trust for quality and value for money. Their travel insurance is also backed by their 24 hour travel assistance service which provides practical support for lost luggage, delayed flights, medical emergencies and much more.
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Annual Travel Insurance  online shopping

Annual Travel Insurance offers some competitive annual multi-trip travel insurance deals with prices starting at 39 for European and 49 for Worldwide cover.
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Columbus Direct Columbus Direct  online shopping

Columbus Direct travel insurance.
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Go Travel Insurance  online shopping

Go Travel Insurance is one of the leading online providers of cheap travel insurance. They offer instant cover and their policies are tailor made for travelers going on holidays, weekend breaks, business trips or backpacking for 12 months.
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JS Insurance  online shopping

JS Insurance specialise in selling cheap holiday insurance. They offer single trip and annual cover, as well as backpackers, long stay, over 65's travel and wintersports insurance.
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Lloyds TSB Insurance Lloyds TSB Insurance  online shopping

Lloyds TSB Insurance is one of the UK's leading insurance companies. They offer a choice of single trip travel or annual multi trip cover, with additonal insurance cover for winter sports, weddings, golf or longer stays. You can get an instant quote online and save 5%.
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Primary Insurance  online shopping

Primary Insurance is another rapidly growing online travel insurance specialist offering a range of travel insurance policies from single trip cover for families, couples and individuals, to multi trip annual holiday cover for regular travelers. They also offer policy cover tailored for backpackers or students on a gap year, and you can further enhance your insurance cover with options including winter sports, golf cover and a range of hazardous sporting activities.
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Tesco Travel Insurance Tesco Travel Insurance  online shopping

Tesco Personal Finance offers single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance policies and a range of cover including Worldwide, European and Winter Sports. Their site also features some useful essential travel advice and holiday tips.
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Travel Insurance Online  online shopping

Travel Insurance Online, one of the leading online providers of cheap holiday insurance, offers tailor made policies for all types of travelers. Their site may not be the best looking, but their deals on annual cover start from 39.
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